This is the fascinating story of the Rummikub game, whose conception is obscured in the past, over 70 years ago. The game started as a brilliant idea that had occurred to Mr. Hertzano – to substitute the traditional cards, used in a popular cards game, with colorful tiles and new game play. That idea – through faith and passionate dream of tiles rattling all over – finally materialized. Accompanied with a vision just as bright and as grand as the initial idea, it became an overnight hit.
Mr. Efraim Hertzano was living with his wife, Hanna, in Romania at a time when the authorities ordered all cards card games to be outlawed. After racking his mind to find a substitute, Mr. Hertzano came up with an original idea – to substitute the cards with tiles. The word about the game soon spread and demand for it began to grow. The word about the new game soon spread and the demand for Rummikub began to grow.


Mr. Hertzano spent hours in his small workshop assembling each game by hand and dreamt about how everyone would play the tile game he loved so much. He would paint each tile by hand, saw the small plastic pieces and the wooden game box and assemble all pieces in order to distribute the game to small retailers.


On Saturday nights, friends used to gather around the Hertzano’s family table to play and the enjoyable hours of play soon became a tradition. Often, the Hertzano couple welcomed shop owners and their wives to play the game with them, on their porch. They played, enjoyed and recommended the game to their customers. As rumors of the game started spreading and sales were expanding to Europe, Hertzano’s workshop grew until it became what itis it is today: oneof one of the most played family games in the world.


Demand for the game continued to be strong. Now aided by his children, they tried to sell Rummikub to the Americans. Well, in the land of the free, the home of the brave and the region of endless possibilities, dreams do – sometimes – come true. On American late-night television show, a famous celebrity was telling how his wife brought home a game named “Rummikub®” and they couldn’t stop playing the game all day long. Overnight, phone calls of buyers flooded the office searching for the game. After America discovered Rummikub, it soon became a bestselling game. From then on – all is history, and skies were no longer the limit.


Rummikub expands as the number of players exceeds 1,000,000. The Hertzano family issued of new models of the game, improving packaging and choosing distributors and licensees that love, promote, and believe in the game.


The first World Rummikub Championship (WRC) took place in 1991 and set the ground for future tournaments. Since then every three years, the World Rummikub Championship is held in different locations around the world. This tradition brings people from all over the world together to enjoy, compete and make great memories together.

2000’- Nowadays

Rummikub is a worldwide known brand played by millions of players, young and old, sold in more than 50 countries and translated into 26 languages. No barriers of language can overcome the joy and interest the game creates. Rummikub is now available for play in all devices- Web, Android, Apple and Facebook apps. The story of Rummikub it is about great vision, willpower and lot of optimism while representing the joy in life.


Rummikub is celebrating 70 years Anniversary!

Early 1970’s USA


Old  Rummikub Ads

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