How To Play

Rummikub Tutorial

Rummikub Twist Tutorial

All the Rummikub tiles are placed face down in the center of all players. Each player draws 14 tiles to start. The remaining tiles are set aside as a draw pile.
The object of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all your tiles. Tiles can be played when in a set. A set can be 3 or more tiles of the same rank, in different colors known as a group. Also, a set can be a run of 3 or more consecutive numbers in the same color known as a run.

In order to start playing, a player’s first sets must have a value (total of the numbers on the tiles being played) of 30 or more. When players are unable to play, they draw a tile as their turn. A player can play as many sets as he/she wants to on a turn.
After a player has made the first move with a value over 30, any tiles can be played to the middle. Tiles can be added to other sets, and sets can be moved around to form new sets. A player can move the tiles in the middle as much as wanted as long as at least one tile came from his/her pile, and every tile ends up in an acceptable set.
The joker tile can be used as any number and color to help complete a set. Any time a player has a tile that a joker is representing, the tile can replace the joker. When the joker is replaced, it must be used in a new set on the same turn.

The player to play all his/her tiles first wins the game.

  • It’s a good idea to hold onto some of your tiles and let others lay down their sets so that you may have more opportunities for manipulations.
  • It is sometimes useful to hold onto the fourth tile of a group or run so that in the next round you can lay a tile instead of drawing from the pool.
  • Choose when to use your joker, hold onto it for a time of need.          But remember you don’t want to get caught out with it on your rack while another player completes their play.

Rummikub Rules