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Rummikub: A family classic comes to the homes of Chileans

January 31st 2021

Rummikub has been in the country since this month and promises to bring many memories to our grandparents.

According to estimates, this summer has been partially confined and we will be able to reunite with our families only by complying with the sanitary security measures. That is why the game distributor Asmodee Chile brings a simple title to be able to play with our families again this vacation.

Rummikub is a classic newcomer to the country, suitable for the whole family and that finally arrives in its original version this 2021.

Chrissy Teigen’s Sober New Year’s Eve Was ‘Lit’

January 1st 2021

The model and cookbook author — who has urged fans to read “Quit Like a Woman,” Holly Whitaker’s book on sobriety — spent the evening playing games.

While some were throwing back flutes of champagne to ring in 2021, Chrissy Teigen was playing Rummikub.

The model and cookbook author celebrated New Year’s Eve with her husband, musician John Legend ― as well as celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin and her husband, photographer Mike Rosenthal ― sans alcohol. In an Instagram post Thursday night, Teigen showed off their activity of the evening: apple-peeling (presumably for cinnamon rolls) and Rummikub.

“cinnamon rolling into the new year lol sober new year is l i t,” Teigen wrote in the caption.

Why Rummikub and Kraft Dinner are the perfect recipe for closeness

One of my favorite ways to spend my time with those closest to me, especially during the pandemic, is playing Rummikub, a nostalgic, tile-based game. My late bubbie Lola, taught me as a toddler, and we played it together almost every weekend until she died, at almost 97 years old.

Since then, I’ve continued to play this game with my family, and have introduced it to those who have come into my life along the way.

Bonding over games – especially retro ones, which have made a resurgence during the pandemic – is nothing new, but this game in particular makes for a bonding experience for me for many reasons.

Piatnik CZ

November 6th 2020

This is a treat for connoisseurs. The limited edition of our popular number one game Rummikub was released on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of its creation and equal to a million sold pieces under the Piatnik head!

#piatnik #piatnikcz #rummikub #deskovehry #zabavadoma #zadnanuda #hryprodeti


November 5th 2020

Rummikub Vintage
Like once upon a time…

Our new wooden edition to the Rummikub family.

In stores soon
#Rummikub #Vintage #Love

Must-Watch Video!

October 28th 2020

Several weeks ago, our distributor Customer Service in the US, received a lovely message from one of their loyal Rummikub fans describing how the game has really helped get her family through the pandemic. Brenda described how they have named certain moves after various family members, and how her elderly mother Marcelene has devised a way to play solitaire Rummikub because she loves the game so much. As a token of their appreciation, they sent a complementary Large Number Rummikub game to surprise Marcelene, whose aging eyes are starting to have trouble deciphering the numbers on our classic Rummikub tiles.


October 14th 2020
The Chinese Rummikub National was held last week in Guangzhou Fashion Tianhe Plaza. The event included the competition, try-it out area, sales point and photo shooting spot.


September 17th 2020

We are happy to announce that our Rummikub Score Timer has been nominated for the 2020 Korean Mobile Brand Awards!The 2020 Korea Mobile Brand Awards is an award given to a company that is an example of the mobile industry that is performing excellently in each field in 2020 and inspires consumer satisfaction with stable growth.


September 16th 2020

Rummikub national competition in Mainland China will be held on the 1st of October!

Before the national, there have been regional competitions in 19 cities in the Mainland China to select representatives, including Beijing, Shumchun, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Hunan.


August 26th 2020

Happy International Dog Day!

To all Rummikub playing dogs out there, we wish you an amazing day.

For those who are missing a partner to play with, there are many lonely dogs out there looking for a good home and a round of #Rummikub.

The great picture comes from #lifeofrileythewestie


July 25th 2020

In Oleck, on the occasion of the 460th anniversary of the city, there were eliminations for the Polish Championship in Rummikub.

Organizer: Darek Sawicki

Photos: Dorota O żga and Katarzyna Krynicka


July 12th 2020

Soon in Stores!
Don’t Miss Out!
Rummikub Black Limited Edition

Includes: Black urea tiles, black racks, black play mat, black tile bag

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May 6th 2020

Gal Gadot sips tea on a rooftop in Los Angeles before her Vogue cover shoot and answers 73 rapid-fire questions. While getting fit for the shoot, the Israeli actress talks about her upcoming blockbuster film, Wonder Woman 1984, her current obsession with Dua Lipa, and how she met her husband. Gal also, once and for all, confirms how to pronounce her last name.

Guess what her favorite board game is?


May 6th 2020


This is a popular game with families around the world. The original version has been taken to the mobile to enjoy it also online. It has the characteristic of being a calm game, although that does not mean that there is no tension and emotion. You have to be very attentive since your movements are against the clock. Rummikub becomes competitive by being able to play games with up to 4 participants.


February 18th 2020

#Rummikub tournament in Peru 2 days ago arranged by our distributor #MarLudico


January 18th 2020

New item’s arrived to our first Rummikub Store in Busan, South Korea!

Rummikub was recognized with commemorative postage stamp in Israel, 2020

The popular family gaming title Rummikub has been handed national recognition of its cultural impact in its country of origin, Israel, where it has received its own commemorative, bespoke postage stamp.

The new Israeli stamp features iconic tiles from the game first invented in 1950, including its much-loved Joker tile, celebrating 70 years of the game’s influence and impact on the gaming space.