Rummikub Launch in China

Our vision for 2017 included a launch of Rummikub in China. This vision came to life a bit earlier with a first event held during China’s National Day in early October.Our distributor in China collaborated with a board game café in Hangzhou to organize a play day event in which promoters taught guests how to […]

Influencers event in South Africa

Several influencers have gathered in Johannesburg for a special Rummikub Twist event arranged by our distributor. The influencers were selected from diverse interests in order to spread the word about the new game launch.A well known comedian hosted the event while the influencers took photos, tweeted and shared their experience through Social Media. Overall the […]

Rummikub Singles Event in Korea

We just loved this initiative of our distributor from South Korea who decided to arrange a Rummikub Singles Event and bring together men and women seeking a potential partner –for love and play !

Rummikub Cyclers group

The USA Rummikub Cyclers group , gets together every weekend in order to enjoy a Saturday morning ride .

Do you have a craving for some Rummikub chocolate?

We would like to introduce you all to a an amazing and YUMMYproduct, produced by one of our partners Games ForMotion Rummikub chocolates!These can be ordered as a complimentary gift for national holidays, mother’s day, Family daycompany events and etc.For orders please contact: